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The sun creates enough vitality in one hour to fulfill worldwide vitality use for a whole year. With developing fame and falling costs, it is hard to comprehend why sun oriented vitality has not yet been completely fused into the electrical framework as a technique for power age. However, when we investigate the manner in which the framework works, we start to reveal what has gotten known as ‘The Duck Problem’, and what it implies for sustainable power source.

Framework Basics

The electrical framework sends electrical force at a set recurrence which fluctuates from nation to nation. For instance, in the UK, it is 50Hz, however in the US, it is 60Hz. The real number doesn’t especially make a difference, yet the recurrence must be kept as near this incentive as could be expected under the circumstances. To keep the recurrence of the communicated power at this set worth, the measure of intensity created should be equivalent to the measure of intensity expended. This is known as ‘load adjusting’. If insufficient power is delivered, the recurrence will fall, and clients won’t have the option to utilize their machines. On the off chance that an excess of power is created, at that point the recurrence will increment, and there might be harm to the matrix, or force blackouts. Force age organizations can precisely foresee the measure of intensity expended and produce the right measure of capacity to keep this significant equalization.


Power is normally provided to houses from a far off force plant. On the off chance that they have sun based boards, they can utilize the power provided from the sun oriented boards as long as it is adequate, and the power from the force plant to back it up if necessary. Customary petroleum product power plants set aside a long effort to kill and on and can’t quickly expand the measure of vitality created. They are great regarding stable vitality flexibly and can adjust to littler vacillations popular. Sun powered boards can be killed and on unimaginably rapidly, however can’t gracefully predictable degrees of vitality, on account of occasional changes, overcast spread and dawn/nightfall.


At the point when we take a gander at how much vitality a house is utilizing through the span of a day, we can see unsurprising changes. For instance, more vitality will in general be utilized at night, as it regularly gets colder and hazier. A normal family follows a vitality request bend this way:

Figure 1 source

Sun based accessibility

On the off chance that we take a gander at a similar kind of diagram, however for sun based vitality accessible, it is again unsurprising. There will be more sun powered vitality around the center of the day, and none once the sun has set. Something like this:

Figure 2 source

What do ducks have to do with this?

The issue comes on the grounds that these charts don’t coordinate quite well. During the center of the day, the majority of the vitality required by houses can be created from the sunlight based boards, and they utilize less force from the force plants. Later on in the day, the sunlight based boards aren’t creating enough, and the house needs to get all its power from the force plant. All fine? Not really. This change is amazingly hard for the force plants to manage. It builds the danger that the gracefully and request probably won’t coordinate, changing the power recurrence, and causing destruction for the framework. It turns out to be progressively hard for the vitality generators to anticipate the interest, since they need to now additionally factor in sunlight based vitality use. Another issue accompanies the enormous ‘incline’ of intensity age required at night, when power request is at its most elevated, and sun oriented force is starting to drop off.

Figure 3 source

In the event that the quantity of individuals utilizing sun oriented boards expands, this ‘plunge’ in power use from the force plant will get greater and greater. On the off chance that we plot expanding levels of power created by sun oriented boards, we end up with a chart that evidently resembles a duck, and this is the reason it is alluded to as ‘the duck issue’. The representation by CAISO underneath delineates the ‘duck crurve’:

What should be possible?

The most straightforward approach to battle this, is to fuse a type of capacity arrangement into the sunlight based boards, with the goal that any overabundance age from the daytime can be put away and utilized around evening time. No force plant vital. This sounds simple however depends on the possibility that enough power can be produced from sunlight based boards alone, with no contribution from the force plant. Until this is the situation, the ‘Duck Problem’ stays an undeniable danger for the incorporation of sun oriented vitality, until the utilities directors discover an answer.

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